The green data center is a pretty cool invention. In this digitalization world, its demand is increasing rapidly worldwide. In short, you can say that it has become the need of every company and organization.

The data center energy is considered a fountain of gigantic data storage. The organization will successfully build a green data center. They work on various factors to reduce the data center’s energy impact on the environment by following waste recycling, designing, material, and alternative energy technologies.

The primary purpose of every company is to increase the data center efficiency and invest considerable amounts in their efficiency and cooling process. To facilitate the investors more, the data center will meet the latest new opportunities for development. Its a desire of many companies to adopt new technologies

Huawei Data Center Facilities

One of the well-known mobile companies, Huawei, adopted the latest green data center facilities. Huawei is a company that makes an effort to accept new challenges to achieve its goal and become successful worldwide.

The facilities of green data centers have become an essential development trend. They discuss their data center facilities trends and future opportunities. We have enlisted the top trends of data center facilities that every company wants to adopt before choosing green data center facilities.

Zero Carbon Data Center

To neutralize data center energy, it is mandatory to emit carbon and make it zero percent. Huawei company uses green technologies. Huawei companies in their data center use various green power like wind energy and solar energy.

Besides this, they are trying to maximize resources like material savings, energy savings, footprint savings, and many more. n the large green data center facility, thermal energy consumption is a new energy-saving solution. Datacenter PUE will enter the 1.0x Era, and “zero carbon” DCs will be a reality soon.

These are the leading trends we identified in the industry, and each has its own positives and negatives. Each company will face different challenges depending on which option they choose and how they implement it.

The important thing for you to remember is that it’s better to make a data center greener than not. And if you really want to push the envelope, you might start moving towards a “net zero” facility.

IoT and AI Technologies

The latest IoT and AI Technologies will replace manual working with digital technologies like converting business decisions into AI-based autonomous driving.

Now, the company is trying to start entire digital lifecycles like 24/7 non-stop inspection, O&M, and optimization; AI energy efficiency optimization and real-time parameter adjustment; AI O&M and predictive maintenance; AI operation, online simulation, and automatic service design.

Fast Deployment

The Internet invention breakdown all the records and converted the manual system into digital mode. In trends, they want to make their data center flexible and support hybrid deployment.

They are still working to shift their support system into a production system to meet the various applications. n the future, the green data center TTM will reduce from 9 to 12 months to 6 months or even three months.

Reasons to Choose Green Data Centers Facilities

Green data centers bring changes yearly because they are moving toward environment-friendly change. Every company makes efforts to move towards integration. However, they are working continuously and applying various approaches to the extensive system. Thus, you cannot choose the data center technologies without analyzing these reasons.

Thousands of organizations are now addicted to green data center facilities. Without these facilities, they will not be able to survive or store their data in the modern world. In other words, you can say that companies did not function properly without a data center. The purpose of data center energy is to save energy costs.

We have enlisted the reasons everyone has to view before choosing the green data center.

1- The main reason to choose a green data center is to use innovative cooling technologies.

The majority of data center uses cooling units and air-conditioners for better functioning. In the newer technologies, air cooling outside and evaporation of cooling indirectly costs reduced by almost 70 to 90 percent, and also emit carbon reduced by nearly 2000 tons per year.

2- Another top reason to move towards green data center facilities is to adopt cloud-based data centers.

Once you use a cloud service Provider (CSP), the possibilities of using different energy-efficient sources, like renewable energy, are greater. Hence, it proved that the data center power consumption and emit carbon for a 100-person company can reduce only when they use deployed applications in a cloud-based system.

3-The last and third reason is introducing power measurement and monitoring the data center equipment.

For example, some UPSs have intelligent power monitoring built in. The research indicates that most UPSs have an excellent energy efficiency ranging from 80 to 95 percent. Besides these, it is also mandatory to upgradation of old UPS to give 80 percent power efficiency to newer ones, which provides 95% energy efficiency. This result in tremendous energy gains at a reasonable cost.


To choose the green data center facility, it is essential to examine the top three above major reasons. Once you understand these, you will get huge success in the business. You will see amazing business success.

Those who face difficulty in their cooling system or air-conditioner or don’t understand how to resolve the data center energy problem must consider or read the abovementioned steps.

Every organization continuously makes efforts for better efficiency and regulation. However, hope took place in their minds on the regulation fronts and certification. You have to reduce the energy cost and use colocation to reduce the carbon footprints. No CEO or company owner wants to lose their essential data.

The reduction in the data center power usage will drive the heavy cost savings associated with green design. By following these steps, data center managers will significantly improve by reducing environmental impact and power costs.

Thousand of people fear investing in green data centers after viewing the pros and cons. While some of them are confident and willing to invest a heavy amount in green data centers. They take possible measures and try their best to make their data center more efficient.

Hopefully, this latest green data center article will prove beneficial for you. We clear all the doubts regarding the data center facility. If you still feel any confusion, then drop me a message.